Classification: Toscana Bianco IGT Chardnnay “Arnilù”

Year: 2018 Organic wine

Production area: San Gimignano

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Vineyard age: 10-15 years old

Altitude: 360 mt s.l.m.

Training system: spurred cordon

Plant density: 7000 plants per hectare

Production per plant: 1 kg

Method of Harvest: manual in crates. Further selection of the grapes in the cellar

Winemaking: Once in the cellar, the grapes are cooled by using dry ice. Then pressed and moved to a steel tank for the static decanting of the must. After 36 hours, the must is removed and the yeasts are added to complete the alcoholic fermentation. After fermentation, the wine is placed in French oak barriques where it will remain for about 1 year.

Bottle aging: After bottling, this wine will remain in the bottle for at least a year before being put on the market.

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Color: Intense golden yellow

Nose: Direct to the nose with typical hints of vanilla and caramel, typical of wines aged in wood.

Palate: Wide, fresh and powerful. Yellow peach, acacia honey and almond paste blend with toasted cereal aromas.

Ideal serving temperature: 14° C

Pairings: Arnilù can be paired both with first courses, for example with a risotto with saffron and zucchini or with second courses of white meat like a good lamb a stew